Sweet Magnolias

About Us



Thanks for checking out our page! We are three sisters that are crazy about cupcakes and wanted to share them with the world. Sweet Magnolias Vegan Cupcakes was born April 2011. It all started when the 3 of us, Mae, Melissa, and Mallory were craving some yummy cupcakes, but since we were all vegan we couldn’t just run to local bakery to pick some up, so…what did we do? We created our own of course! Our first cupcake was the Double Chocolate Ganache Me! Now just because our cupcakes are vegan, that does not mean they taste like saw dust, that just means that they are even better than non-vegan cupcakes, seriously! You will not be able to eat just one! Also, since all of the cupcakes we make are vegan they are even better for you and the environment because they are cholesterol free, cruelty free, and oober yummy! Folks are always surprised to know that they are eating a completely egg-free and dairy-free cupcake. We take pride in never using packaged cake mixes or frostings, they are all made from scratch, and we love to use all organic ingredients. Our mission…”Baking You Happy and Changing the World One Sweet Step at a Time!”.